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About Us

Matthew Wegner

The Wegner Law Firm was founded in 2014 to provide clients with an affordable option to resolve their debts. We leverage both technology and a high level of expertise to provide our clients with the best experience.

How is the Wegner Law Firm different from other law firms? We care about our clients. We put our clients first and work everyday to insure that their needs are being met. A client is not just a number for us, but a life long connection. 

Our process is as simple as counting to 4

1. Schedule a Free Consultation 
All Consultations are free of charge. I will ask you questions about your financial situation and your goals.  Based on our conversation I will recommend a course of action or request additional information. We offer both Non-Bankruptcy and Bankruptcy options. 

2. Retain My office and Get Started
If you decide to move forward with my office I will send you an invitation to set up your Client Portal. From there you can upload documents, pay on your balance, and contact me directly.  We are happy to provide paper workbooks if you prefer. 

3. Submit your Client Workbook and Supporting papers
Upload your documents through the Client Portal and check off your “To-Do” list. Attach the documents to a message and submit them to my office. I will review your papers once they are all provided.  If everything is order I will prepare your petition. 

4. Schedule a Time to Review and Finalize your Documents
After all the documents have been submitted, the case is prepared and the agreed upon fees are paid, we will schedule a time to finalize your paperwork for the Court.  Once the final documents are signed they will be filed with the Court. 



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