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Tax Resolution


What is Tax Resolution?

Tax resolution is the process of resolving your Federal Tax Debt through several IRS programs.  That includes the IRS Fresh Start Program for a streamlined installment agreement, an Offer In Compromise, Currently Not Collectible  Status and innocent spouse claims. Each of these complicated programs can be used to help you resolve your tax liability. I can help guide you to success.

Tax Resolution can Stop Wage Garnishment

The IRS has many tools to recover the money that your owe. One of the most common tools used by the IRS is Wage Garnishment. The IRS can and will garnish your paycheck, up to 50%,  in order to recover “their” money.   Levies and Wage Garnishment by the IRS is both stressful and embarrassing.   As an attorney with experience dealing with the IRS, I can help you get the wage garnishment stopped and set up a payment plan with the IRS that is affordable.  

Tax Levy Release

When you have unpaid taxes the IRS will contact you by letter. This is typically IRS FORM CP504. Read this notice carefully. It will provide you with a great deal of information regarding the due dates of the missed payment, the amount owed and a time period to appeal the IRS claim.  If you act to resolve your IRS debt quickly you can avoid the IRS levy. However, if you ignore them, the IRS will begin the process of seizing and auctioning your assets to pay the debt. 

If the IRS has already issued the Notice of Levy, Form 668-W, to your employer, or served a Notice of Levy on your bank in an attempt to seize your checking and savings accounts,  it is not too late to get the issue resolved and have the Levy released by the IRS. 

Tax Lien Removal

If you have continuously not paid your IRS debt, the IRS may put a lien on your home or other land.  This is called a Tax Lien. A tax lien can be removed in some circumstances.  When you receive notice of a Tax Lien you have 30 days to appeal.  Tax Liens can also be Released, Withdrawn and or Subordinated to another loan in some cases.  We can help you get the Tax Lien removed. 

Offer in Compromise

First, you should know that most people do not resolve their IRS debt with an Offer in Compromise. Those who can use the process may get a significant reduction in the amount of tax owed. First both you and the IRS have to agree that you cannot afford to pay off your tax debt.  Second, you make an offer of the amount you CAN pay even if that is less than the full amount due. If the IRS accepts your offer and you make the agreed upon payments, your tax debt will be considered  “Paid In Full”.

Despite the IRS’s reputation for heavy handed tactics, the people working there really want to help you. The IRS’s goal is to have you, the tax payer,  comply with required tax form filings and make your tax payments. They have many programs to help you and an experienced attorney can help you navigate the process.

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