4 questions about Bankruptcy Reaffirmation Agreements

When a client files for Chapter 7 bankruptcy they are given the opportunity to reaffirm certain secured debts like cars and houses.

Bankruptcy vs. Debt Settlement

Most of my clients have done everything they can to avoid filing for bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy Alternatives

Part of what I do as a bankruptcy attorney is to counsel my clients or potential clients about their alternatives to bankruptcy.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy- 341 Creditors Meeting

Student Loans and Bankruptcy

Chapter 7 Means Test--What does it mean?

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy- Start Fresh Today

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is a powerful tool to help people get a fresh start on their finances. It can be used to resolve credit card debt, medical bills, pay day loans and old repossessions. 

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

The decision to file for bankruptcy is a tough one.


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