Bankruptcy as a Tool for Retirement Planning

Congratulations. You have worked for the last 30 years and are reaching retirement age. You have raised a family, maybe survived a divorce and remarried.

How Much does an Attorney Charge for Bankruptcy???

Almost everyday I get a call from a prospective client asking "How much do you Charge for a bankruptcy?". That is a fair question to ask.

Survive the Holidays without Going Bankrupt

I enjoy helping people get out of debt slavery. However there are things you can do NOW to avoid debt yourself.

1) Be Reasonable with your Gift List

Top 5 ways to address Debt without Filing Bankruptcy

I am a bankruptcy attorney and if you are considering filing for bankruptcy I WANT YOUR BUSINESS!

Filing Bankruptcy while Owning Investment Property

With low interest rates on home loans, many people have seized the opportunity to purchase investment property. Investment property comes with a lot of risks.

Arbitration Agreements in Bankruptcy

As a consumer, you are always at a disadvantage when dealing with a credit card company or other lender.

What should I look for in a Bankruptcy Attorney?

Once you have decided that  you are interested in filing for bankruptcy, the next step is to find an attorney to help you. But how do you know if you have found a good attorney.

Bankruptcy Alternatives

Part of what I do as a bankruptcy attorney is to counsel my clients or potential clients about their alternatives to bankruptcy.

Discharge of Student Loan Debt

I have been hearing advertisements on the radio for a local bankruptcy attorney who claims to have the secret to discharging student loan debt.

Purchase Money Security Agreement and Bankruptcy

What is a Purchase Money Security Interest?



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