Congratulations. You have worked for the last 30 years and are reaching retirement age. You have raised a family, maybe survived a divorce and remarried. You have faced life's challenges with
When a client files for Chapter 7 bankruptcy they are given the opportunity to reaffirm certain secured debts like cars and houses. What does "Reaffirm Mean?" Reaffirming a debt means that you
Almost everyday I get a call from a prospective client asking "How much do you Charge for a bankruptcy?". That is a fair question to ask. Some of these people are not sure if bankruptcy is right for
I enjoy helping people get out of debt slavery. However there are things you can do NOW to avoid debt yourself. 1) Be Reasonable with your Gift List We all love our families, mostly. When it
I am a bankruptcy attorney and if you are considering filing for bankruptcy I WANT YOUR BUSINESS! That said, I am also a Counselor and part of my job is to make sure that before you file bankruptcy
With low interest rates on home loans, many people have seized the opportunity to purchase investment property. Investment property comes with a lot of risks. First the purchased property will
As a consumer, you are always at a disadvantage when dealing with a credit card company or other lender. They have included so much fine print in the Credit Card agreement that it is almost
Most of my clients have done everything they can to avoid filing for bankruptcy. They have worked overtime, sold property, and in many cases, have tried one of those "Debt Relief" groups you see on
Once you have decided that  you are interested in filing for bankruptcy, the next step is to find an attorney to help you. But how do you know if you have found a good attorney. Should you hire
Student Loans One of the most common issues I have faced in the last 10 years of providing bankruptcy and other legal services to clients have been student loans.   Bankruptcy does not
Understanding Your Credit Score The first step in achieving personal financial independence is understanding the basics, and the basics start with your credit score. Specifically your FICO credit
Part of what I do as a bankruptcy attorney is to counsel my clients or potential clients about their alternatives to bankruptcy. Here are 5 alternatives to bankruptcy that may be an option for you.
I have been hearing advertisements on the radio for a local bankruptcy attorney who claims to have the secret to discharging student loan debt. He implies that his firm can get your student loan debt
What is a Purchase Money Security Interest? The Texas Business and Commerce Code adopts the Federal Uniform Commercial Code to create what is generally called the Texas UCC code. Section 9.103
Everyday I meet 3 or 4 families who are considering filing for bankruptcy. They have many reasons for looking for the debt relief offered by bankruptcy. Those reasons may include job loss, unexpected
Chapter 13 Eligibility Any individual, even if self-employed or operating an unincorporated business, is eligible for chapter 13 relief as long as the individual's unsecured debts are less than $
The majority of Chapter 7 bankruptcies filed in the United States are no-asset cases. When a Chapter 7 bankruptcy is considered a no-asset case it simply means that the debtor does not own any
Every Chapter 7 bankruptcy is administered by a Chapter 7 Trustee. The trustee's main task is to sell nonexempt property to repay general unsecured creditors. The trustee also looks for bankruptcy
How Chapter 13 Works A chapter 13 case begins by filing a petition with the bankruptcy court serving the area where the debtor has a domicile or residence. Unless the court orders otherwise, the
Most debtors will not be able to discharge student loan debt in Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy. However, if you can prove that repaying your student loans would cause an undue hardship to you
DO YOU PASS THE MEANS TEST (AND QUALIFY FOR A CHAPTER 7 DISCHARGE) ? A DEBTOR’S ABILITY TO PAY DEBT People have a lot of questions about the bankruptcy “Means Test”.    The “
Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is a powerful tool to help people get a fresh start on their finances. It can be used to resolve credit card debt, medical bills, pay day loans and old repossessions. 
The decision to file for bankruptcy is a tough one. I meet with people everyday who have no way to pay their bills but have tried everything to get out of debt without filing for bankruptcy. Some of
One of the common problems that comes up in a bankruptcy is that a person may need to get a loan. Particularly in a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy that can go on up to 5 years, a lot can happen. Cars break
A chapter 13 debtor is entitled to a discharge upon completion of all payments under the chapter 13 plan so long as the debtor:  certifies (if applicable) that all domestic support
A chapter 13 debtor is entitled to a discharge upon completion of all payments under the chapter 13 plan so long as the debtor:  certifies (if applicable) that all domestic support
In Chapter 13 bankruptcy, 401(k) or other voluntary retirement contributions reduce the amount unsecured creditors receive through your repayment plan. Because of this, some bankruptcy jurisdictions